Monday, 16 Sep 2019
Category: Loan Tips

Situations that Validate Getting Personal Loans

Borrowing money impulsively can be very hazardous to your financial health. However there are valid situations where you don’t have to think twice when getting a personal loan. Situations like a sudden medical emergency or an immediate need to repair your home is more than enough reason to take out a loan from a money lender singapore. Getting a personal loan can be one of the best solutions in resolving emergency expenditures. A good credit […]

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Understanding the use of Debit and Credit Card

It is common nowadays for people to not carry cash on their wallet or purse. They are now comfortable in using a debit and credit card (commonly known as “plastic”) to pay for purchases and services or for anything else that needs to be paid. One of the general consensuses is that using debit and credit to pay for expenses is a lot safer than carrying a wad of cash in your pocket. But do […]

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The Importance of Managing your Expenses Efficiently

BORROWING money is the perhaps the easiest way of getting out of a financial trouble. If an unexpected expense arises, the first impulse is to use the CREDIT card or to immediately apply for a payday loan. Unexpected expense is also some form of a debt only it hasn’t shown up. If you are managing your finances efficiently unknown expenses can be easily resolved. Resolving unexpected expense with borrowed money is simply delaying the inevitable […]

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